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Adjacent to the three beautifully decorated massage rooms, is where peace, harmony, and tranquility reigns supreme. The Prayer Room is designed for women or young girls to spend in quiet time, alone with God. Here, she can read, pray, vent, cry, release the emotions from the battles she is facing.

We are always willing to offer a listening ear! PLT is not just about giving massages but also trying to get these broken women and young girls to reconnect to God through prayer and encouragement, by allowing them to realize they are not on their own. The staff that works at PLT have been through their own battles and have survived through prayer, empowerment and the love we all share in spiritual healing.

We offer empowerment sessions once a month.

“We believe every woman or young girl that enters PLT is sent by God. We believe they need to be treated as the daughters and progeny of whom God made them to be. While recovering or battling the ravages of cancer, or fighting through abuse of any form, we understand that it is not an easy task leaving an abusive relationship.”

After seeking counseling, we offer them prayer if requested and/or a massage which can be the hands, the feet or full body. This allows them to relax their mind, body, and spirit and begin the journey of re-associating a sense of touch with something therapeutic, rather than something abusive. Following the massage, and at times it may be necessary before the massage, the clients are given an opportunity to step into the prayer room and meditate, or have someone offer a prayer, which empowers them to cope with the circumstances both within themselves and often times with their families as well.

At PLT, we have prayer rugs that have individual squares that makes up a rug; each square can be pulled apart to form a prayer mat. In this rug, there is only one yellow square representing the light, two pink squares and the rest is purple. Our prayer rug is special to us because a lady or young girl can stand or kneel and we surround her in prayer.