International Non Government Organizations (NGO) Resources for Violence Against Women

These databases may be used to search for lists of women's NGOs working in CEE/FSU. For links to NGOs working on women's issues in a specific country, please click this link Country Pages   for specific county or region.

Alliance of American and Russian Women Resource Links

Lists profiles and URLs for major Russian and American business, women’s business, general women’s, governmental, and non-governmental organizations. Russian and English.

Armenian Assembly of America, NGO Training and ResourceCenter

Comprehensive, searchable database of Armenian NGOs. Includes contact information and a description of each NGO. Search by mission, region, or NGO services. English only.

Association of the Women’s Organizations

Contains profiles and contact information for over 30 Russian women’s organizations. Available in English and Russian.

Central Asia NGO Network Database

Search profiles and contact information for 2,914 NGOs in Central Asia by name, location, or sector, including many women’s organizations. English only.

Civil Society International Central and Eastern Europe Organizations

Includes contact information and profiles of NGOs in CEE, arranged by country. Several organizations focus on women’s issues. English only.

Civil Society International NIS Women’s Organizations by Country

Includes summaries and contact information for women’s NGOs in the former Soviet Union. English only.

European Info Centre against Violence WAVE Database

Follow links to “Database” to search for contact information about women’s NGOs and women’s advocates in Central and Western Europe. Based on town or country.  English only.

European Network for Democracy Project

Search for contact information for NGOs (including women’s organizations) operating in CEE by either topic or location. English only.

Gender Evaluation Methodology Tester Profiles

Includes summaries and contact information for major women’s NGOs in CEE. Available in English and Spanish.

Global List of Women’s Organizations (Subdivision of Full Moon’s Web)

Lists contact information for all types of women’s organizations, sorted alphabetically by country. English only.

Hot Peach Pages Global Inventory of Domestic Violence Services

Includes links to NGOs dealing with domestic violence in 187 countries. Information is available in native language when possible.

Karat Coalition Regional Coalition of Women’s NGOs in CEE and CIS

Lists contact information for women’s NGOs focusing on gender equality in the region. Organized alphabetically by country. English only.

Network of East-West Women Poland

Follow sidebar to “Links-Region” and choose "Balkans," "Baltic," "Caucasus," "CEE," "Central Asia" or "CIS" to view lists of women’s NGO contact information arranged by country. Each contact contains a summary of the organization. Available in either English or Polish. NGO Databases

Lists summaries and URLs for CEE regional NGOs, international NGOs operating in CEE, and national NGOs, arranged alphabetically by country. English only. Information Portal for Belarusian Non-Governmental Organizations

Searchable, comprehensive database of Belarusian NGOs. Includes contact information for each organization. Available in English or Belarusian.

Open Women Line Home Pages of Women’s Organizations and Projects

Lists links to women’s organizations in Russia. Information available in Russian and English

Peace Women Contacts

Lists contact information for domestic and international organizations dealing with women, peace, and security issues. Organized by country. Information available in English, but native languages are used when possible.

Privatization Link Russia: Project Opportunities in the Russian Federation

English and Russian links to women’s business organizations and general women’s organizations in Russia. Available in English and Russian.

Russian Feminism Resources Organizations

Comprehensive set of summaries and links to directories and databases of regional women’s organizations in Russia and the FSU. Available in English and Russian. 

Union of Bulgarian Foundations and Associations

Search profiles and contact information for Bulgarian NGOs alphabetically, by type or organization, or by geographic level of activity. Includes information about 11 women’s NGOs. Available in English or Bulgarian.

United Nations Development Programme Eastern Europe and CIS Sub-regional Resource Facility

Choose a region, a country, then click on “Institutions” under the “Country Resource & Reports” heading to find contact information and summaries of mainly women’s NGOs operating in each country. English only.

Women’s Information and Document Center, Regional Women’s Directory Database

Search profiles of 564 women’s organizations in 12 CEE countries by organization name, country, town, or keyword. English only.

Women’s Information Network

Search profiles and contact information for over 1,500 women’s organizations in the Russian Federation and other countries by title, interest, or region. English and Russian.

Women Waging Peace, Organizations Concerned with Women’s Involvement in Peace Building Efforts

Lists contact information for women’s NGOs alphabetically by country. English only.

World Learning Armenia, NGO Strengthening Program, NGO Websites

Comprehensive alphabetical list of 126 Armenian NGO URLs, many of which focus on women’s issues. Available in English and Armenian.

World Movement for Democracy: Women’s Organizations around the World

Lists hyperlinks for women’s NGOs alphabetically by region. English only.

Other Resources

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International Center for Research on Women information sources
National Online Center on Violence Against Women Information sources
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