Purple Light Touch is a unique Non-Profit Foundation. All our services are FREE. The concept was created and organized by Founder, President, and CEO, Valerie Kelso. Shortly after arriving in the US in 2011, she became a licensed massage therapist and began working in a unisex massage facility. 

Purple light touch foundation was established in September of 2015, PLTF’s mission is to “Empower, Uplift, and Transform” the lives of women and young girls dealing with the effects of emotional and/or physical abuse, sexual assault, depression, suicidal thoughts, bullying, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anger issues, cancer, low self-esteem and other life-altering circumstances.

Her main reason for developing the idea was the direct result of dealing with a variety of clients from all walks of life, who expressed many times a need to vent and talk to her while lying on her table about very personal issues regarding their mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being. There were so many hurting women who had come in with burdens often times too heavy to carry on their own, that it was becoming apparent that something would have to be done.

There, many of my female clients would express their innermost thoughts and confide in me during their massage. Many expressed their fear of being heard while crying, oftentimes feeling more vulnerable because it was a unisex facility. She wanted to change that, especially because she understood there was relief in talking to someone. she realized then that a place was needed where women and young girls were free to cry and express and release their innermost pain, and so the idea was borne – That is why Purple Light Touch Foundation is dear and near to her heart.

You see, Valerie has battled abuse and many other life-altering situations herself, and thus have firsthand knowledge of the feelings of loss, abandonment, anger, self-blame and unworthiness these women and young girls face daily. The feeling like no one understood the battles and questioning where to go, who to she talk to; hiding and pretending everything was okay while feeling lonely and aching deep inside.

Thank God Valerie was able to escape her cycle of abuse and overcome the feelings of low self-worth but did so with a lot of help from others. Because of this, our PLTF means that much more to her.

She designed a place just for women and young girls that were hurting.

Knowing how well the body holds on to past hurts, this is why she wanted a place where they could feel free to vent and release their issues and problems without being judged. Receiving a therapeutic massage is beneficial to the body as it can aid in the healing process.

The body holds on to emotions from abuse, PTSD, domestic violence, cancer, bullying depression, suicidal thoughts, and any other life-altering trauma.  A soothing touch from a therapeutic massage allows them to cry in a positive way by releasing the built up emotions from past trauma and life hurts.

Because many of these women and young girls are also victims of physical abuse, one of our goals here is to let them know that all touches are not bad touches. Many of us don’t realize that getting a therapeutic massage can release pain from past hurts.

Our goal at PLT is to help hurting women and young girls recover from their past hurt.

We offer

  • computer classes 
  • empowerment 
  • prayer 
  • mentoring
  • counseling and therapeutic massages 

If we can do this and just change a few lives by allowing the Lord to use us, we can achieve great things because the Lord did not give us a spirit of fear. Imagine giving a woman or young girl that freedom to be who they would like to be, and want to be by bringing up their self-esteem. How much better would she feel? A happy wife or mother or child will bring forth a happy home.

God will give us the strength and finances to the cover the overhead we need to make a difference in these women and young girl lives.

That hurting woman, one day could be your mother, sister, a family member, a    co-worker or a friend. Through your generous donation and others like you, Purple Light Touch will be able to continue this journey of touching these women's lives. Wouldn't you like to know that because of your generosity you have made a significant impact in the lives of these women who are going through a stormy time in their lives?

Remember, Abuse has no Color, Age, Gender, Race or Religion!